RE Wave - Sustainability Procurement

RE Wave is a digital sustainability solution for selling and procuring carbon-free products to accelerate your transition. As digital sustainability solutions, RE Wave provides Apps for initiating transactions for Green Tariffs, Certificates, Power Purchase Agreements or Direct Investments.

PPA Impact

In many cases, it is not easy for corporates to find out whether Power Purchase Agreements fit their sustainability strategy.
The PPA Impact Analysis gives rough guidance of potential economical savings for more than 25 countries.

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The Off-taker Scoring guides corporates on what products might be best suitable for their sustainability strategy.

Depending on the corporate strategy standard Green tariffs, Certificates, Power Purchase Agreements or investments in renewable assets might be the perfect fit.

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Within the PPA Hub, all required stakeholders interact with each other synchronously to secure the optimal PPA conditions.
Besides a multiple staged tendering process all RE Wave implements a rating mechanism for improving transparency and efficiency to raise the transaction success rate.

Where to find the fitting PPA?


Commonly corporates reduce their carbon emission by procuring green electricity tariffs from their utility. These tariffs are combined products of physical electricity supply and renewable certificates (GoOs).
With RE Wave renewable power producers can offer their certificates to utilities or directly to corporates.

Certificates as a suitable solution?

RE Wave - How does it work?

For us, a Renewable Champion is not just a greenwashed institution for making purpose. It is a complex transformation impacting a company's sustainability strategy, involving various external stakeholders (e.g. Consumers, Renewable Producers, Lenders and Insurance Providers) and integrating different technologies like wind and solar power. This induces a high uncertainty level and makes the switch towards green energy one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century. We from RE Wave focus on dissolving those frictions between supply and demand by providing financial and commercial solutions to overcome climate change.

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What are the sustainability use cases?

Renewable seller

RE Wave enables Renewable Sellers to connect and contract with Off-takers (Corporates / Utilities).

Corporate Buyer

RE Wave enables Corporates to fulfill its multinational climate strategy by identifying the best suitable solutions for its requirements.


Utilities can act as Off-takers and participate in running CfD initiated by Renewable Sellers or implement its auction.


Investors can act as independent power producers and source PPAs for their assets.


Banks will be enabled to interact with Renewable Sellers during the PPA transaction process for improving the financing structure.

Hedge providers

For improving Power Purchase Agreements it is often necessary to improve the risk structure by implementing hedging instruments.


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What People Say About Us

„The PPA impact analysis of Think RE is a great support for our decision making by providing a detailed understanding on how PPAs influence our GHG emissions and our costs of electricity.”

Mr. Elias Siehler
Stuttgart Airport AG

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Sergie Kalashnikov
CEO at BentoBox

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Bryant Chou
CTO at Slapper Labs